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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You Can Open That Door.

YOU CAN OPEN THAT DOOR. "Ask, and it shall be given to you, seek, and you shall find, knock and it shall opened unto you- Matthew 7:7." How How long has it been since you were backed into a corner, hammered in by a seemingly insurmountable problem? If you are anything like most folks, it has been very long. Some of us spend years trying to work our way out of financial binds only to end up more bound by debt than ever. Others work fanatically on marriages that despite their best efforts, deteriorate from year to yer. Still others fight battles against fear or depression, drug addiction or disease. Deep within our hearts, each of us know there must be an answer to the problem we face. But often it seems to be out of reah, hidden behind a door that locked tightly against us.. What I want you to know today, however is this, , we can open that door ! Jesus himself has given us the keys. Right now you my be facing a situation that looks utterly hopeless, but God has a a key ring of full keys that will unlock that situation. He has the key s that open the doors for you spiritually , physically, financially and emotionally.. No matter how hard the devil tries to trap you, if you'll get hold of the right key , you can find your way out. God word is full of keys of kingdom principles- Keys to bind the devil's operation and keys to loose yourself from its snares. God has a key that will unravel any knot that the devil can tie. He also has a key that will lock up the devil's operations so tightly that he would not be able to move. Remember this. There is no situation so dark and so cleverly designed by the forces of darkness that there is not a kingdom key that will unlock it with kingdom power. You do not need to attend Church of God school of ministry before you received your breakthrough. Have you watched, "God help the girl movie? Our God is a wonderful God. There is an answer to your situation. When closed doors of success, blessings, uplifts, promotions, miracles and favor are opened by the Lord God, it is like you possessed the, "act of god insurance claim". It is your insurance claim to your breakthroughs. So keep digging for it. Praying god word day by day, spread the word of god and reading the word of god msakes you a blessing. If you've been digging in the word of God in one spot and haven't found your answer then look at another chapter, a different verse. Keep digging until you find the key. Keep knocking at every door until you find the one that opens. BEST DAILY PRAYERS 1. Lord Jesus, give me the grace to know you so that my sojourn in life will not be wasted. 2. Lord Jesus, intervene in my case and save my life from hell fire. 3. Lord Jesus, deliver me and my destiny from all round failure in the name of Jesus. 4. My doors of success, breakthrough, divine blessing, divine favor, divine miracle and divine promotion is opened today in the name of Jesus. 5. Spirit of God, open my eyes to recognize the doors of opportunities you have opened for me to be a blessing to my world. Amen.

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