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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Miracle Movers.

MIRACLE MOVERS. "God, I surrender my heart to you. I give you all my disappointments, pain,and sufferings, which you alone can understand. Please, give me the strength to move forward." Amen Miracle do occur every hour. If you have time to pray, God have time to listen. It is the miracle from God that set Joseph free. That Lord that opens Joseph's door from the prison is opening your door today in Jesus name. As a Christian, you need miracle movers to arrive at your miracle. There is no better life than a life that is full of wonders. This is the kind of life that Jesus Christ truly reflected. At a point in your Christian race, the life of Christ begins to replace your natural life and the abilities of God are made manifest in your endeavors. As a believer, people should look at you and prefer to serve the God you serve as a result of the undeniable proof that they can visibly seen. "Saying, what shall we do to these men? For that indeed a notable miracle hath been done by them is manifest to all them that dwell in Jerusalem and we can not deny it"- Acts 4:16. You need divine miracle of God to occur in your life to convince people that you are serving a living God. Today, the Lord is going before you and opening doors that no man can shut in the name of Jesus. Who and what are Miracle movers? Miracle movers are the power that leads you to your manifested miracle. It may be spiritual or supernatural power. According to the scriptures, Church of God, Big Faiths, Pastors, Ordained ministers of God, Boldness and fervent prayers are among what can be regarded as Miracle movers. The Church is a spiritual evidence of the miracles of God. It is the Church that acts as the medium through which the miracles of God manifests to the world. Miracles from god cause the Church to grow. When there are genuine miracles, there is always an explosion of attendance, spiritual growth and commitment to the work of God. The power of God that dwells in Pastors and ordained Ministers of God cause miracles to happen. They are miracle movers. The scriptures tells us that the Lord God commanded its disciples to cast out demons in His name. When Jesus Christ was here on earth and Jairus daughter died, He was there to bring the girl back to life. When the son of the widow of Nsin died, Jesus stood by and commanded the boy to rise. When Lazarus died, Jesus raised him up. When Jesus Himself died, He resurrected. The power of His resurrection will awaken everything dead in your life in Jesus name. Have we forgotten so soon the miracles that comes from the hand of renowned world Pastors like Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye and Pastor Joel Osteen to mention but few? Faith can be define as life without fear. Miracles can not occur where there is fear. Faith comes with Boldness. With faith you can move mountains: be it sickness, a terminal disease, bareness, stagnation and whatever it is that is challenging the goodness of God in your life- Heb. 11: 33-35. What then is the reason why we regarded "Big Faith" as a Miracle mover? Big faith is Jesus kind of faith. With big faith many miracles happen. It takes big faith to walk upon the sea- Matt 14:22-25. It takes big faith to call forth the dead out of the grave- John 11:43. It takes big faith to open the eyes of the Blind- Mark 10:51-52. Faith is what you put to use for miracle to occur. It is not what you use your mouth to talk about. Be sure that God who has cause miracle to happen on one occasion and can cause it to happen in all occasions. PRAYERS. Today, the God of miracles will set before you an open door to sound health, wealth and prosperity in the name of Jesus.

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