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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jesus Christ Bail Bonds: How Death Of Jesus Christ Can Benefit You And Your Family.

JESUS CHRIST BAIL BONDS : HOW DEATH OF JESUS CHRIST CAN BENEFIT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. "Now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because Jesus Death has made us friends of God" Romans 5:11 Centuries ago, a divinely inspired prophet foretold the time when man would be at peace with nature. Illness would be eliminated. Families would build their own houses,plant their own fields and enjoy the fruits of their labors- Isaiah 11:6-9.Thanks to the bail bonds of Jesus Death. Jesus performed powerful works that showed on a small scale how such prophesies will become a global reality. Jesus death was fundamental to the future elimination of every cause for sorrow. So important was Jesus death to the fulfillment of God's purposes that Jesus commanded his disciples to commemorate it- Luke 22:19, 20.Thanks to Jesus Christ bail bonds. The death of Jesus Christ is a victory over Satan and its principalities. Christians in all Nations now enjoys peace, health and prosperity. Dear friends, do you know that if you are still in sin you cannot benefit from the death of Jesus Christ where Sorrow, Sickness, Illness, Afflictions, Pr-mature death, Failure, Calamity, and Barrenness are no more. Forsake your sins today and become a new creature in the Lord Jesus. You do not need to visit the burial site of Jesus Christ before you will continue to enjoy the benefits of His death. He is knocking. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock. If any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come to him and will sup with him and be with him- Revelation 3:20. The Lord is standing and knocking at your heart today. He is knocking on your door asking you to repent but will not force Himself in. Have you opened the door for the Lord? It is either you open to Him or keep Him out, pretending not to hear. Just remember that one day, you too will knock on the gates of Heaven and it will be His turn to open to you or not. On that day, who you know on earth, your academic qualifications, your wealth, status and achievements on earth will not be able to help you. Jesus Christ holds the key to the pearly gates of Heaven, so if you want Him to open to you then, open your heart to Him now. Peace be unto you. Amen PRAYERS. Father, forgive me of my sin of ingratitude. Holy spirit, help me to be grateful to my Father in Heaven always in Jesus name. Amen

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