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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Integral Of Sin : Is There Power In The Blood Of Jesus?

INTEGRAL OF SIN: IS THERE POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS? One night, after a revival meeting in a large city, a dangerous looking man approached the preacher and asked, "Will you come with me tonight? I must talk with you. "Gladly, "answered the preacher. The man led the way down several side streets and into an alley. He unlocked ba door, ushered the preacher inside and then pulled out a revolver."I won't harm you. I just want to ask you if meant what you said in your sermon tonight, that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin?" The preacher replied, "Of course I meant it. God says it in His word." Then the man said, "I have killed four people with this revolver. Is there hope for a man like me? I will tell you again that if a man will confess and forsakes his sins God has promised that if a man will confess and forsake his sins God has promised that He will forgive him and cleanse him from all sin" ( 1 John 1:7 ). The man went on: On the other side of this wall is my tavern. We sell liquor to anybody. Many times I have taken the last cent from a man,letting his family go hungry. Next to the tavern is my gambling joint. There is not an honest game in the place. A man recently committed suicide after losing everything here. I am an embodiment of all the integral of sin. Is there any hope for a man like me? The preacher replies, "God means it when He says, "The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin." "One more question, and you can go. As you leave the alley, you'll pass my house. My wife is there with my eleven-year old daughter. Thirteen years ago, I met a beautiful girl in New York and lied to her about my life. She married me, but when she found out the truth, it broke her heart. Since then, I have made life a "Hell on earth" for her.I even started beating her. Recently,I also slapped my daughter and knocked her against a hot stove, burning her arm from shoulder to wrist. She is disfigured for life. Is there hope for man like me? The preacher grabbed the wretched man, shook him and exclaimed, ":Listen to me! No matter what you have done, God's word stands, 'The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. That means you! The man said, "thank you so much. I had to be sure. I believe you. I will be at your meeting again tomorrow night." After the preacher left, the man emptied the tavern and the gambling room. He then broke every bottle, barrel and mirror. He also smashed the gaming tables and wheels. He burned all the dice and cards in the fireplace. All night long, he destroyed all his implements of sins. It was morning when he walked up the stairs of his house and sat down, exhausted. On hearing him, his wife told their daughter to "go and tell Daddy breakfast is ready>" The girl walked slowly toward her father. Half afraid, she said, Daddy, Mommy said breakfast was ready." The man smiled and said, "Darling, daddy does nor want breakfast. His daughter turned and ran into the kitchen shouting Mommy! Daddy smiled at me and called me darling and did not shout at me. Daddy said you do not be afraid of me any more. God has given you a new husband and a new daddy today. At the meeting that night, his wife and daughter also gave their hearts to Christ. They too discovered that, "the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin ( 1 John !:7 ). Have you got the message? Will you confess and forsake your sins right now and give your life to Christ? Ask God to forgive you. There is hope for one like you! PRAYER POINT TO PRAY TODAY. Father, please, touch me in the areas where I need your intervention today and let my joy be full in the name of Jesus.

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