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Saturday, March 18, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Demons In Your House.

HOW TO GET RID OF DEMONS IN YOUR HOUSE. " And they went out behold they brought to him a dumb man possessed by the Devil, and when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake and the multitudes marveled..Matt.9:32". Demons are evil spirits. They are just like human beings, the only difference is that they they do not have body. the real human beings are spirits inside them, the only thing that differentiates human beings from other kinds of spirits is that we have a body, the container which is made of dust. Because demons possessed persons are human being , this is the main reason we have what is called, "demon possession body odors". So what I am telling you now is that a demon is just like a person. They can think, they are intelligent, they know what they are doing, in addition to the supernatural power they possessed. Due to there supernatural power they can destroyed home. They can used there demonic power to inspired sickness. These spirits can affect natural elements like wind, rain and water. They can turn water to blood. They can do easily what you think could not be possible to do. How to get rid of demons in your home.1. You must desire to be free. You must recognize that the enemy of our soul understands only one language, violence and total defeat. 2. Understand that only violence and total defeat would unseat the enemy. 3. Command the demon to come out of the hiding place..Luke 4:33-35 4. Bind the demons. Matt. 16:19 5. Command the demon never to re-enter. Mark 9:25:26 6. Break the bondage of the spirits by commanding in the name of Jesus. 7. Cleanse the house with the blood of Jesus in prayer. 8. Prophesy blessings upon your house. 9. Repentance and confession of sins that allowed the demons to enter your house. 10. Restructure your life pattern to work with God. Sometimes there would be a struggle and resistance on the part of evil spirits. Once you persistently begin to pray with the authority of the Lord Jesus they run from your house. PRAYER POINTS TO PRAY AGAINST THE POWER OF DEMONS. 1. Evil plantations in my house, hear the word of the Lord, come out in the name of Jesus. 2.Every bewitched spaces in my house, be release and deliver in the name of Jesus. 3.You bad spirits, I bind you and command you to go in the name of Jesus. 4.I shall trample on serpents and scorpions in the name of Jesus. 5. I command every sickness to go, I forbid them to return to my house in the name of Jesus. POWERFUL PRAYERS THAT MOVE MOUNTAINS.

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