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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Demon Possession Body Odors.

DEMON POSSESSION BODY ODORS. Whosoever is born into the world will inherit certain things from the parents. Some of those things may be very positive while some may be negative. The positive ones are the godly ones while the negative ones are controlled by the devil. For example if a Child was conceived outside wedlock the devil has right to put abundance of negative character in that life because he knows that you are breaking God's laws.There is something known as demon possession body odors and it can propagate negative characters in peoples life. So as a believer you ought to know and locate the negative characters manifesting in your life which are common to members of your family. Now if a Christian come across a thing like this or you notice that you have demon possession odor, how do you deal with it? 1. You must recognize that those negative characters are propagated by spirits which are not of God. 2. Demons is of Devil. You must declare to the devil that you are born again. Although you were born physically, naturally now you have a second birth which is being born again. The spiritual birth is superior to the natural one. Then the devil will understand that you know what you are saying. 3. You declare to the devil that your birthright has changed because once you get born again your birthright changes. 4.Command the evil record and evil register containing your name in the satanic world to be destroyed. They have their own files and registers of all these negative things they are transferring into people's lives. 5. Draw close to God in prayer. Drawing close to God is not esy because we live among people who lack faith in God and ridicule his promise of peace on earth- 2 Timothy 3:1,4. PRAYER POINTS. 1. Holy Ghost fire, destroyed demon possession body odors in my life in the name of Jesus. 2. Evil plantations in my body, hear the word of the Lord, come out in the name of Jesus. 3. I deliver myself from all life's entanglements. Every obstacle on my way to progress, be removed in the name of Jesus. 4. Today, Lord God, establish my steps in your word in the name of Jesus. 5. Oh God, take me to my place of destiny. My journey shll not be aborted in the name of Jesus. http://www.4prayer.tumblr.com

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