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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Danger Of Unbelief.

DANGER OF UNBELIEF. "When the enemy brings hardship into your life, God has a way of taking that experience and turning it around for your advantage. You may think you have hit a dead end, but if you;ll stay in faith, you will see God begin to open up a new route. He'll put the right people in your , the right opportunities, the right circumstances to move you forward toward your God - given destiny." Thank you Jesus. DANGER OF UNBELIEF. 1. Belief a lie. 2. Belief half truth. 3. Hiding in your own truth. 4. Reasoning the truth. 5. Outright refusal to belief the truth. 6. Avoid the truth by not listen to it. 7. Where heaven Unbelief takes people to hell in thousands every day. Ignorance does not justify any man but destroys the man. Why not search for the real truth now before it is too late. When man dies without believing the truth here on earth, he goes straight to hell. Ask the Maker of heaven and earth to show you the way to come back to him when you die. He is the owner of that life you are carrying , when He takes it , He will not cast it to hell FIRE, if you follow Him here on earth. Open your heart sincerely and ask Him to tell you the truth about yourself. Ask him how you can meet him and be with Him when you die. Go heaven. It is dangerous to assume. Forget religion and the instruction of man. They can not help you. Listen to God your maker . Seek him with the whole of your earth and He will found you. PRAY THIS PRAYER. God almighty. You that made and created me, please I want to please You and I want to come to You when I die. There are too many ways people talking about, show me and teach me thy way to come to you when I die. I love you and need you. Thank you almighty God, Creator of heaven and heart. If you really open your heart,wait and He will shows you about Himself. Amen

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