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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Come And See, Jesus Still Gives Financial Breakthroughs Today.

COME AND SEE, JESUS STILL GIVES FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH. We believe according to scriptures that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and that is why what He did yesterday as contained in the Bible, He is still doing today- Heb. 13:8. The presence of God in the midst of His people is always validate by Signs, wonders and diverse Miracles- Zeph. 3:17. Real testimonies explained it all- the wonderful power of Jesus. According to scriptures, in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall the truth be established-2 Cor. 13:1. TESTIMONY ON FINANCIAL TURNAROUND: " I joined the fellowship in 2001 and as at February 2004, I had worked as a legal practitioner for 12 years with less than ten thousand Naira savings anywhere in the World. During one of the Business Breakthrough summits, my Pastor decree as He dwells in the book of 1 Kings 8:17-18, He said, "You will always do well, if the promotion of the kingdom of God is in your heart. "Immediately, I resolved to make the advancement of God's kingdom a priority. That marked the beginning of my financial breakthrough. From January 2, 2012, millions started flowing into my account. In a single transaction of legal advice, meetings and documentation, I received professional fees of 100 Million Naira. In 2006 alone, God gave me two mansions in Lagos worth 70 Million and 150 Million Naira respectively. To God be all the glory. TO BE CONTINUED...

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