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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Behold I Come Quickly.

BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY. It is sad that many do not understand that they are strangers here on earth, and that they re strangers here on earth, and that they are here for purpose to do the will of God. A certain teenager was sent to his uncle who was a successful businessman in the city, to acquire some knowledge, then come home, and open his own business and be able to help his younger ones financially and otherwise. When he got to the city the uncle told him plainly, son, you have a time limit to learn this trade and to be here.. After five years I expect you would have acquired enough knowledge to be able to stand on your own. The boy nodded his head in agreement indicating that he understood. Unfortunately, it did not take long he began to associate with questionable characters and soon took to drinking and partying in spite of reported warning and counsels from his uncle and good spirited individuals, he did not change. Then one fateful evening the uncle called him, sat him down and said to him, son, by next week Friday, it will be exactly five years you've been here and I am sure you have not forgotten our agreement. The boy was dazed, he couldn't believe that five years had rolled by so soon. But the sad aspect was that he had achieved nothing and so was tormented by the thought of how he would face his father, who was looking forward for his home coming. Dear reader, I do not know if you realize that you are not here on planet heart by accident you are here for a purpose and you also have a time limit to be here after which you will be required to give an account of how you've spent your life to your creator. Jesus says, behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me to give everyone according to his work- Revelation 22:12. What kind of reward are you expecting from the Lord? Is it reward of eternal life with Christ Jesus or eternal condemnation which comes as a result of careless living? The choice is yours but I want to let you know that God wants you to spend eternity with him in heaven and that is why Jesus was made a sacrifice for us , for the Bible says for the wages of sins is death but the gift of God is eternal; life through Christ Jesus our Lord- Rom.6:23. Why don't you accept Jesus Christ now into your life by confessing your sins, asking him to forgive you and invite him to your life to be your Lord and savior. Billions of Christians spreading in Nations are today attending and enjoying online bible class, bible college online courses while few, online bible college and seminary,Jesus Christ are also attending online bible college and seminary. Beloved as you do this from the depth of your heart, the Lord will forgive you , cleanse you and empower you to live and fulfill your divine purpose here on earth, besides, eternal life will be yours- 1 John 1:9. God bless you.

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