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Thursday, February 16, 2017

When You Praise God, What Happens?

WHEN YOU PRAISE GOD, WHAT HAPPENS? "I will enter His gate with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise, be thankful unto Him and bless His name."- Psalm 100:4. Today, I pray in the name of Jesus that songs of joy and victory shall never cease in your home and Church. Amen. Dear Friends, There are many people who think that it is when they pray to God that help comes down. Have you forgotten so soon that the greatest victories that the children of Israel experienced manifested in an atmosphere of praise. Praise, worship and thanksgiving should accompany prayer. Prayer is a way of demanding or requesting for things. To be demanding everyday without showing appreciation, makes the giver to be boring. It inhibits the willingness of the giver to give. Learn to praise the Lord at all times. Thank him for the things which he is going to do. Give God thanks even before you obtain the answer to your prayers. Dear friends, Do you think there is something the enemy has stolen from you? Have you just lost something very precious to you? Whatever your case is, just begin to dance before the Lord. This is a way of committing God to rise on your behalf. The moment you bring to praise God, and dance in the midst of your situation and circumstances, you are simply telling the whole World that you are not a victim. Dancing is loaded with blessings, when we dance unto the Lord, He turns our mourning to joy. When you dance before God and you praise him with the whole of your heart, you will begin to enjoy favor and there will be a divine acceleration to your place of celebration. David understand this and he danced and praise God Almighty. Paul and Silas praised God for deliverance, God never delayed to save them. the scriptures said in Philippians 4:6, "Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplications with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God." When you praise God, all your enemies become silenced because your dance will provoke God to rise in your defense. AMEN. TO BE CONTINUED.

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