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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Online Bible College : Where Did You Want To Go To Equip Yourself Of The Truth Of God's Word?

ONLINE BIBLE COLLEGE : WHERE DID YOU WANT TO GO TO EQUIP YOURSELF OF THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD? are you in pursuit of a Christ- centered education? Some years back, to have vocational workers and Ministry leaders available fo Churches proof very difficult but today, due to the opportunities provided by Online Bible Colleges which provide a variety of Ministry related programs and makes several courses available free online,this problem is no more there again. today, Christians leaders are now developing their theology Ministry skills from home, win souls and lead as exemplary ambassadors of Christ. Over 5,000 top Bible School you can choose from, now teaches free bible courses online. From evangelical seminaries to theological colleges or bible colleges, all now try to equip people with the truth of God's word to the maturing followers of Christ who are making disciples around the World. QUALITIES OF BEST ONLINE BIBLE COLLEGE. 1. Must offers several Ministry related undergraduate and graduate degree. 2. A good online bible college must be able to foster excellent educational, spiritual and social experience on each student. 3. Must offer online programs. 4.Must have minimum graduation rate of 45-50%. 5. A good online bible college must be the one that provides Financial aid and grants in form of Scholarship aid. 6. Must accepts applicant from all part of the World. 7. In all, a good online bible college must be the one that act to disciple emerging Christian leaders by developing their theology Ministry skills and character in order to win souls, plant fruitful Churches and leads as exemplary ambassadors for Christ in the Ministry. BEST ONLINE BIBLE COLLEGES. 1. Faith Evangelical College And Seminary, Missouri. 2. Saint Lois Christian College, Florissant. 3. Epic Bible College, Sacramento, California. 4. Sum Bible College And Theological Seminary, Oakland, California. 5.Calvary Bible College And Theological Seminary, Kansas city,Missouri. 6.American Baptist College affiliate with the popular National Baptist convention, USA. 7. Trinity Baptist College, Jacksonville, Florida. 8.Davis college, Johnson city, New York. 9.Carey Baptist college, Auckland, New Zealand. 10.Canada Christian College, Toronto, Ontario.

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