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Friday, February 3, 2017

Daily Prayer Guide For Christians From How To Pray To God websites.

DAILY PRAYER GUIDE FOR CHRISTIANS FROM HOW TO PRAY TO GOD WEBSITES. "Pray Always. Whatever you ask in prayer with faith you will receive.( Matt. 21:22 ). 1. I need your grace, your glory, your strength, your peace, your love and your compassion. Lift up my head and let everyone knows that thou are my shield, in the name of Jesus, I pray. 2. Father, I choose to put my trust in you. I know that you are a good and faithful God and I trust that you have my best interest at heart. Help me stay focused on your goodness and let your divine Mercy found me today in Jesus name. 3.Today, the Lord will release upon you the anointing to fulfill your destiny in the name of Jesus. Declare and decree, my destiny shall refuse to crawl. I receive power of flight in destiny in the name of Jesus. 4.The mighty hands of God protection shall cover you and every member of your family.Every evil arrow against you shall return back to the sender. Any alter raised against your progress shall be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus. 5. Declare and decree this month is my month of glory and celebration in Jesus name. I am next on God's list to be lifted. I receive power now to cross the boundary of impossibilities in Jesus name. Where others are making progress, I shall not be stagnated. Amen 6.I choose to receive God's love today. By fire by force, my life shall not continue to tell the same story again, in the name of Jesus. 7. I need the help of God. Because the Lord God loves me, this month is my month of Success, Promotions, Testimonies, Divine Miracles, Salvation, Elevation, Restoration and God's Blessings. 8. Spirit of God, today, open my eyes to recognize the doors of opportunities you have opened for me to be a blessing to my World. Today, in the name of Jesus, the door of my prosperity must open. Amen. 9.Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your Soul is getting along well. ( 3 John 2 ). Father help me not to lose my time and chance. Amen. 10. The Help Of God Shall Found Me Today in the name of Jesus. "They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion which cannot be removed but abide for ever- Psalm 125:1 ". Today, hold your head up high and know God is in control. He has a perfect plan for your life. Therefore, Lord, In the presence of those who are asking for my God, arise and manifest yourself in my life, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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