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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

13 Important And Powerful Prayers For The Children And Family.

13 IMPORTANT AND POWERFUL PRAYERS FOR THE CHILDREN AND FAMILY. "Father, thank you for our Pastors, Ordained minister of God, Evangelists, Chaplains, Clergies And Workers in all Churches all over the world. I pray today that the grace and anointing of God will continue to multiply in there life, year after year, in the name of Jesus. PRAYERS FOR THE CHILDREN AND FAMILY. 1c. Father we thank you for giving us peace in all the Churches. Lord, continue to protect and bless the Church against all forms of persecutions in the name of Jesus. 2.Father we thank you for foreclosing all manners of tribulation and tragedies in our families. 3. Father, do not allow Satan to use any of my Children to punish me in the name of Jesus. 4. Father, give the Children and the Family good health so that we will be able to serve you more meritoriously. 5. Father in the name of Jesus, prosper all my Children so that they will be able to meet all my needs. 6.Father do not let me bury any of my Children in the name of Jesus. 7. Father, as regard my Children and Family, give me rest on all sides. 8.Father, the Children and the family are pilgrim here, let us end well in the name of Jesus. 9. Father, do not let me beg, sorrow or suffer on my Children for the rest of my life. Amen. 10. Father give me the grace and ennoblement to continue to serve you and win souls for your kingdom. 11. To take care of my Children and Family, God will make a way. Amen 12. Father let all my Children continue to be a source of Joy for me. 13.Father when Jesus shall appear in the sky, let me be worthy to be counted. Amen

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