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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Request Prayer And Day Of Prayer.

REQUEST PRAYER AND DAY OF PRAYER. What is your prayer request? Christianity talk, prayer request or request prayer is an act of requesting prayers from other fellow Christians, Pastors, Ordained Ministers of God, Clergy and others around the globe committed to pray with you and God has already heard your prayer. Sample prayers request like this will today be of help to you. 1. REQUEST : Pray me, I need God hands in my Business and Career. Please,pray for me. PRAYER : For every struggling career and business today shall be your day of answers from the Lord in the name of Jesus. 2. REQUEST : Pray for me, I want God to cleanse my spirit, soul and body from all forms of contamination. Pastor, pastors and Ordained ministers of God, please, pray for me. PRAYER : In the name of Jesus, the works of your hand shall succeed. As long as the Lord lives, your rise in destiny shall not be difficult. You will not fall short of God's glory in the name of Jesus. Amen. 3. REQUEST : Man of God, please, help me pray against weeping, sorrow, failure, sickness,accident, disease, death, calamity, defeat, bareness, fruitfulness, miscarriages, joblessness, stagnation, poverty and affliction. I am troubled. PRAYER : The Lord God says, "The path of righteous is like the morning sun shinning ever brighter till the fall light of day(Proverb 4:18). Because you seek God in every area of your life, today, the lord God will say Yes to all your prayer requests today, this week, this month and this year in the name of Jesus. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. as you talk with god, Evils and other bad vices you pray against shall not befall you in the mighty name of Jesus. amen. 4. REQUEST : Dear friends, there are siege around my life. Please, pray for me, so that I can be lifted. PRAYER : Shout Hallelujah to the Lord. A shout of Hallelujah is a shout of victory. Shout Hallelujah seven times. In the name of Jesus, today, the siege around your life is lifted. Amen 5. REQUEST : Pray for me,it seems nothing work well in my life again. Seems enemies of progress is at work. Great challenges over my Job. PRAYER : The Lord God will help you to maximize every moment of your life. All attempts of the the enemy to waste your productive years shall be frustrated. Receive that new job in the name of Jesus.

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