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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How you Can Pray Out Weeping, Sorrow, Failure, Sickness, Affliction, Poverty, Defeat, Stagnation, Accident, Calamity, Death, Miscarriages, Fruitlessness And Condolence Visit In Your Life With The Blood Of Jesus.

HOW YOU CAN PRAY OUT WEEPING, SORROW, FAILURE, SICKNESS, AFFLICTION, POVERTY, DEFEAT, STAGNATION, ACCIDENT, CALAMITY, DEATH, MISCARRIAGES, FRUITLESSNESS AND CONDOLENCE VISIT IN YOUR LIFE WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. "I choose to receive God's love today. Amen". Normally, people want to be peaceable, honest and kind. Why, then, do we often experience sorrow, failure, death, calamity and other evil or bad tendencies. Did God created us to suffer and experienced calamity? No. God created humans in his image, with a tendency to imitate God's love(Genesis 1:27, Job 34:10 ). But, God also dignified humans with free choice. When our first parents choose to act badly, they rejected God's example and became imperfect. We inherited the tendency to Sin from them ( Deuteronomy 32: 4, 5 ), then problems, calamity, sorrow, death and other problems set in. Will We Always Have Weeping, Miscarriages, Fruitlessness, Death and Other Evil Inclined Situations? God did not want us to experience bad situations. So He teaches us how to avoid doing wrong and how to find happiness. Although, we may in one way or the other experience failure, stagnation, affliction and others, God is permitting it for a limited to allow all to see its sad consequences. ( 2 Peter 3: 7-9 ). By obeying God and its commandments and most importantly everything in prayers, Christians in all Nations will become an overcomes. PRAY OUT Miscarriages, Fruitlessness, Sickness, Affliction, Disease And Bareness With Prayers For Healing And Strength and say after me, Father, today, I choose to put my trust in you. I know that you are a good and faithful God and I trust that you have my best interest at heart. Help me stay focused on your goodness today in Jesus name. Oh the blood of Jesus, I am healed. PRAY OUT Weeping, Sorrow, Failure, Calamity, Defeat, Stagnation And Death with the Prayer Of Victory. "I declare and decree that the Lord will release upon you the anointing to fulfill your destiny in the mighty name of Jesus. Blood of Jesus, you will experience a sudden miracle and breakthrough that will attract global attention. If you have Faiths, Jesus Christ will turn your defeat, failure and stagnation to be promotion in your favor and your life shall be example to others in the name of Jesus. PRAY OUT Debt, Poverty, And Joblessness With Prayer Of Faith. One of the Bible verses about faith says, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith ( 2 Timothy 4:7 ). Today, the Lord God will blessed the work of your hand. The mercy of God will locate you, debt, poverty and joblessness shall have no root in your life in the name of Jesus. Deuteronomy 15:10, "Thou shall surely give him and thine heart shall not be grieved when thou give unto him: because that for this thing the Lord thy God shall bless thee in all thy works and in all that thou put thy hand into. Amen

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