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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Christians World : What Should The Life In The Church Be And What Is The Source Of The Church Power.

THE CHRISTIANS WORLD : WHAT SHOULD THE LIFE IN THE CHURCH BE AND WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF THE CHURCH POWER. The Church's life consists of more than the regular meeting of Christians. Certainly, they will want to spend time together, formally and informally, as a Church and in small groups. This is part of the Church's life. But the Church must be concerned with more than the well-being of those within it. It must be concerned for those who do not yet share its life in Christ. This means that the Church should be energetic in making known the message of God's salvation and in helping those who are victims of sickness, loneliness, injustice, hunger and other misfortunes, whether small or great. It has responsibility to the people in its locality and to people in distant nations. However, the Church will be effective in reaching out to others only if its own relationship with God is healthy. Prayer, teaching and worship are therefore essential to the Church's life. God is the source of the Church power,and the Church draws on that power through prayer. He is the guide to the Church's conduct, and therefore the Bible must be taught constantly and clearly. He is the, above all, the Lord of the Church, and therefore he is to be worshiped by his grateful and adoring people. The worship of the Church may contain many elements- singing,praying, meditating,reading and preaching. It may express both love and awe. It may combine quiet reflection and joyous outbursts. One person may lead or many may share. No matter what form Church services may take,two things are always important: giving glory to God and giving help to his people(Ephesians 3:21). PRAYERS 1. I receive power to overcome the devil when he comes to deceive and distract me in Jesus name. 2. I receive power to ignore and reject all destructive offers of the devil. 3. Come what may,God's purpose for my life shall be established and fulfilled. 4.The great restore(God), restore all my losses in Jesus name. 5.I admit and repent all my Sins, by the blood of Jesus, I destroy my alliance with the devil.

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