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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017: 25 Important And Powerful Prayer Points For The Christian Family In All Nations.

2017 : 25 IMPORTANT AND POWERFUL PRAYER POINTS FOR THE CHRISTIAN FAMILY IN ALL NATIONS. 1. Father, in accordance with your word, let all things begin to work together for my good this year in Jesus name. 2. Father, let there be an outpouring of your spirit upon my life this year,in the name of Jesus. 3. Father, please, bless me indeed with your blessing that adds no sorrow. 4. Father, flood my heart with unspeakable joy today and for ever more. 5. Father in the name of Jesus, please,give me the grace to endure hardships,afflictions and tribulations for the sake of your name. 6. Father, please, completely destroy the works of the devil in my life and in your Church in the name of Jesus. 7. My confusions is over in the name of Jesus. My year of breakthrough has come. God's set time to favor me has come in Jesus name. 8. My season of struggles is over in Jesus name. I decree and declare now, God's hands of grace shall reach me in the name of Jesus. 9. Nothing good shall slip off my hands anymore in Jesus name. 10. Make my goals achievable,Oh Lord. My Joy shall be full in Jesus name. 11. Holy spirit, move me from where I am now to where I ought to be according to your plan for me. 12. The blessings and grace of God Almighty,come upon my work in Jesus name. 13. I shall not labor in vain in Jesus name. 14. I will soar above all my challenges and frustrations in Jesus name. 15. Vision helpers, wake up, rise up from wherever you are and locate me in Jesus name. 16. Every Satanic agenda for me today shall fail. It does not matter what enemies are planning, I will push through. 17. Father in the name of Jesus,let every impossibility be turned into possibility in my life. 18. I decree and declare, I am healed! I am favored! My life will move forward. 19.Heavenly Father, show me mercy by all means and remove limitations around me. 20. Let there be light in the darkness of my world. It shall be well with me. 21. Lord, I thank you for giving your life for me,saving me as well as delivering me from the hand of the wicked one. Lord, let as many that strive against me without cause, perish in the red sea in Jesus name. 22. Lord, I thank you for all your provisions, mercies and faithfulness upon me and my family. Receive the glory in Jesus name. I uproot every tares of sickness and diseases which the enemy have sown into my life, Children and family in Jesus name. 23.Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for me, forgive all my sins O Lord. I break every curses operating in my life by reason of my sins, my parents, my ancestors in Jesus name. I bind every spirit of setback in my life in the name of Jesus. 24. Father, turn my ashes of shame to beauty in Jesus name. Anoint me with the oil of favor and cause me to obtain favor in the sight of men and women in Jesus name. restore unto me all my blessings which the wicked one have stolen from me in Jesus name. 25. Lord,this year, frustrate every satanic plans against my family, business, career and marriage in the name of Jesus.

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