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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Prayer Points To Pray Today For Victory Over Sins And Tempt.

PRAYER POINTS TO PRAY TODAY FOR VICTORY OVER SINS AND TEMPT. PRAYER POINTS. 1. Father, I bless and adore you, for you are a holy God. I worship you in the beauty of your holiness. 2. Lord, I acknowledge that I am a sinner, have mercy upon all my sins, wash all my sins away with the blood of Jesus Christ. 3. Lord, I give everything that belongs to me unto you, my business, school, marriage, finance, body etc. Lord, I pray that you use them for your glory in the name of Jesus. 4. Lord, fill my life with your power to live above sin and tempt. Your word says, in the days of your power your people shall be willing. Give me power to be willing in the name of Jesus. 5. Give unto me a new heart, take away from me the unclean heart in Jesus name. 6. I break every power of Sin in my life and I destroy every of their roots by the fire of the Holy Ghost. 7. Every unholy desires of the flesh, I subject you under the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. 8. Make my heart to pant after you even as the deer pant over the water brooks, in Jesus name. 9. Holy Spirit come into my life, guide me and direct me everyday. Strengthen me for I cannot live a holy life without you. 10. Father, I thank you for giving me victory over every forms of sin in Jesus name.

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