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Saturday, November 5, 2016

10 Important Prayer Points To Pray In The New Month Of November, 2016.

10 IMPORTANT PRAYER POINTS TO PRAY IN THE NEW MONTH OF NOVEMBER, 2016. 1. The Blood of Jesus! This new month, the Lord God, will turn your tragedies into triumphs, God will turn your setbacks to comebacks and your disappointment to destiny in the name of Jesus. 2. Blood of Christ, this new month, the Lord God will frustrate every Satanic plans against your Family, Career, Business, Marriage and Spiritual Life in the name of Jesus. 3. Dear Friend, this new month, I pray that "You may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well"- (3 John 2), in the name of Jesus. 4. Some trust in Chariots and some in horses but as you trust in the name of the Lord our God( Psalm 20:7 ), in the name of Jesus, this new month, you shall make progress by the Word, living triumphantly to the glory of the Lord. 5. Oh Lord, I pray to you this new month, perfect that which concerns me financially, spiritually and makes me a blessing to others. I am the expression of your glory, grace, wisdom and righteousness. 6. Power in the blood, this new month, God's promises will never fail you. Something good is going to happen in your life in the name of Jesus. 7. This new month, the Merciful God will shower His uncommon grace upon you and make you glad in all your ways. Every plan of the enemies to put you to shame this new month, backfire in the name of Jesus. 8. If you are reading this , may the Lord God take away your pain and replace it with strength and the knowledge that you will make it through this new month and come out stronger than before in the name of Jesus. 9. There is power in the Blood. Heavenly Father, thank you for this brand new month you made us to see. Thank you for your love, peace, power and strength. Father, thank you for moving in us and moving for us. Our hope and trust are in you. We know that you are our deliverer. Father, thank you for you will allow us to see your power at work in our lives this new month in the name of Jesus. 10. You have armed me with strength for the battle ; you have subdued my enemies under my feet( 2 Samuel 22:40 ). Dear Lord, thank you in advance for removing the obstacles in my path. Thank you for the blessing. Thank you for the miracles and breakthrough that will occur in my life this new month.. I am alive, I am blessed. I am so very thankful. Your love is consuming me. Your favor is following me and my Joy is complete in you this new month in the name of Jesus. RELATED TOPICS: 1. Power In The Word Of God. 2.10 Important Turning Point Prayer Points. 3.Do God Answers Our Prayers? 4.Will God Help Me If I Pray? 5.20 Bad Words You Must Pray Against In Your Life. CHRISTIANITY TALK.

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