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Saturday, October 1, 2016

What Your Prayer Should Be In The New Month Of October, 2016.

WHAT YOUR PRAYER SHOULD BE IN THE NEW MONTH OF October,2016. 1. Pray that you and your children will be famous among the nations: everyone who sees you will know that you are a people whom the Lord has blessed. Claim Abraham's blessings on your life this new month of October, 2016. 2. Pray that it will be evident in your life that the Lord is with you.; that you will be successful in everything you do. Ask for grace to walk in the paths of righteousness so that your life will honor God. 3. Give thanks to God, the merciful Father from whom all help and blessings flow. Pray that you will experience more of the manifestation of the power of God in your life, home and business. 4. Pray that your heart will not depart from God nor will you rebel against His way. Decree that you will be steadfast in your walk with God. ask God to establish His fear in your heart. 5. Ask God to help you to focus on Him, trust Him and believe His promises always; to perfect every work he has started in you and yours. Decree that you will not cast away your confidence in Him. 6. Pray for a generous and sacrificial heart to be a blessing to someone in the new month of October, 2016. 7. Pray that Satan will not be able to lure you away from God's presence even with legitimate things. Ask God to strengthen you for the sacrifice and discipline that His presence requires. 8. Ask God to disappoint the expectation of the enemy concerning you and cause your light to break forth out of obscurity, and to gladden your heart concerning every desire of yours. 9. Ask the Lord to elevate and improve your condition to an enviable status, to turn things around for your favor by the power of His Spirit. Decree you will not be disappointed; your joy will be full this new month of October, 2016 in the name of Jesus. 10. Pray that songs of Joy and victory shall never cease in your home and church. ask for grace to always be an example for other believers in your speech, behavior, love, faithfulness and purity. 11. Ask God to perfect the good work that He started in you; receive grace to cooperate with Him in the process. Pray against every contrary wind of life in the new month of October, 2016. Decree you will get to your destination. 12. Ask the Lord to help you and uplift you from every trouble, to protect you from all danger and attacks of the enemy the new month of October, 2016. Pray for greater passion to seek God and increasing confidence in His word. 13. Pray that you will never make the wrong choice in life, career, business, marriage etc that you will stay committed to the supreme will of God and prevail over every challenge of life. 14. Pray that nothing will ever separate you from the love Christ has for you. Ask for God's help this new month of October, 2016 to get rid of all evil in you, to humbly accept God's teaching and honor God in every situation. 15. Pray that help of God will always be available to you this new month of September, 2016, in all your endeavors. Proclaim the victory of the cross over every obstacle. Receive the help of God to cross limits and break barriers this new months of October, 2016 in the name of Jesus. STRENGTH FOR TODAY.

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