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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Young Church : Prayer Points For Christian Church Growth.

PRAYER POINTS FOR CHRISTIAN CHURCH GROWTH. "The followers of Jesus receive God's gift, the Holy Spirit, and find that they have a new experience of God's presence and power. Christian communities develop and grow. They become not a Jewish sect but the Christian Church, made up of people of many nationalities and backgrounds believing in Jesus as the Savior who has made it possible a new relationship between human being and God." Lord, establish Christian Church on a rock. I come against every spirit of division or stratification in the name of Jesus. A PRAYER FOR THE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN ALL NATIONS. 1. Make every member of this Churches to have mind to love one another even as we love ourselves in Jesus name. 2. Anoint every worker with fresh anointing . Give them the power to work with you in Jesus name. 3. Let the zeal for your work, for your word and for your house consume every member of this Church. 4. I bind every satanic agent that has been assigned against this Churches in the name of Jesus. I command the ground to open up and swallow them in Jesus name. 5.I bind every agent of disunity and confusion in our Church in Jesus name. 6. O Lord, send down your power and scatter every mixed multitude in our Churches who profess to be Christians whereas they are agents of darkness on assignment. 7. Send down your power upon your Churches in all Nations from the pulpit to the pew and baptioze each and everyone of us with the Holy Ghost and fire in Jesus name. 8. Enlarge us Lord in every areas of our life. 9. Increase us in this Church( Churches in all Nations ) so that this place will no longer be enough for our fellowship. 10. Give our pastors/leaders the wisdom and knowledge to administer the Churches in Jesus name. Amen Thank you Lord God for answering my prayers in the name of jesus.

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