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Monday, October 17, 2016

Prayers Overcoming Obstacles : Overcoming Prayers To Pray Today.

PRAYERS OVERCOMING OBSTACLES : OVERCOMING PRAYERS TO PRAY TODAY. Father I thank you for making it possible for me to see another day. I pray that you forgive all my sins in Jesus name. 1. I decree every powers, witches and wizards after my life to drop down and die in the name of Jesus.and let the and let the fire of the Holy Ghost consume them. 2. Father, let the wall fall upon them and let the fire of the Holy Ghost consumer them. I cover my life, children, property with the blood of Jesus. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers in the name of Jesus. 3. Father, I bless you for giving Jesus Christ unto me who is the head of all principalities. I bind every bad spirits assigned against me to seduce me in Jesus name. Today, I uproot every tares that have been sown into my life in the name of Jesus. 4. Lord Jesus, I thank you for dying for me, forgive all my sins. Today, I overcome every curses operating in my life. The army of God arrest every powers of witchcraft and wizard against your life in the name of Jesus. 5. Lord,rebuke every devours in my finances in Jesus name. I cut off every evil hand that usually steal my money in the spirit and never catch.

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