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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Prayer Points For Prayer Needs.

PRAYER POINTS FOR PRAYER NEEDS. 1. I revoke every curses that have come upon my life, by reason of the Sins I committed, by reason of my disobedience and by reasons of the covenants I have enter into with Satan in the name of Jesus. 2. I break every yoke that has come upon my life by the anointing of the Holy Ghost. 3. Holy Ghost, come and take the full control of my life in the name of Jesus. 4.Today, when the enemies shall come like a flood, Lord lift up a standard against them in the name of Jesus. 5. Lord , take away every heavy burdens which the enemy had placed upon my head and shoulders in the name of Jesus. I command every yokes to be broken by the power of anointing in Jesus name. HOW TO PRAY WITH PRAYER POINTS.

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