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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Destroying Satanic Altar : How To Identifying And Destroy Satanic Altars That Contends With Your Progress With Powerful Prayers From the Holy Bible.

DESTROYING SATANIC ALTAR : HOW TO IDENTIFYING AND DESTROY SATANIC ALTARS THAT CONTENDS WITH YOUR PROGRESS WITH POWERFUL PRAYERS FROM THE HOLY BIBLE. It sounds truly that some of the challenges believers are facing today could be traced to their foundation, or places where certain satanic transactions have been done on their behalf. It is true that we are new creation in Christ Jesus and genuinely redeemed by the blood of the lamb, but we establish and enforce the Calvary victory with our prayers and works of faith. One of such areas is in confronting spiritual altars that contends with our progress. Biblical ( Genesis 8: 20-22, Genesis 28:22, 1 Kings 18:26 ) meanings for Altars can simply be places where mortal beings connect with immortal through offerings, sacrifices, worship, whether to God or the devil. They are gates or points of entry into the spirit realm of a place, community or city, consciously or unconsciously. An altar is a spirit-port just like we have airport or seaport. How can we Identifying Altars: 1.Every altar has a physical or spiritual symbol or emblem or brand represented by stones, clothes, color, shape, designs, marks, items- 1 Kings 18: 26-28. 2. Every altar attracts human gathering because of the power they possess. The people that gates around reveals the "substance" of the altar- Acts 17: 16-17. The Bible tells us that every altar attracts worship and sustain covenants, curses, enhancement and divination. Altars influence the destiny of its worshipers and sometimes its inhabitants--Acts 17:16. 3. Every altar is sustained by the fire it carries- 1 King 18:38. DETHRONING SATANIC ALTARS- 1.Establish altar of righteousness through steady prayer life. 2. Establish the seal of the Holy Spirit in your life. 3.Pray prophetic prayers and cut off the blood line. 4.By the power in the blood of Jesus, Satanic altars is destroyed in your life in the name of Jesus. 5. Genuine repentance and renunciation from all identities of Satanic altars. PETRAS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL.

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