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Thursday, October 6, 2016

20 Powerful Prophetic Actions That Works Like Biblical Miracle You Must Not Ignore.

20 POWERFUL PROPHETIC ACTIONS THAT WORKS LIKE BIBLICAL MIRACLE YOU MUST NOT IGNORE. 1. Be the reason someone smiles today: Give food items, clothes or money to people that are in serious need of it. You will never lack anything good in life. 2. Write a congratulatory letter to yourself, and sign it. You will receive good news very soon. 3. Look at yourself in the mirror, smile and prophesy blessings to the image before you. 4. What has God been telling you to do for sometime now that you have not done? Take a step on it today, obedience to God's instruction opens door for blessings. 5. Lay your two hands on your belly and command more potential inside of you to show forth and shine forth. 6. Call a few people you know with your mobile phone, ask after their welfare and pray for them. 7. Take a glass of drinkable water, add a little quantity of salt. Ask God to sweeten your life; then drink it. 8. Find someone to bless in anyway you can; it will bring blessing back to your own life. 9. Get a fruit of your choice, use it to prophesy fruitfulness to your life and things. Then eat it. You shall experience fruitfulness in all area. 10. Present pictures of people and places you are expecting some things. Speak to their pictures, and ask God to touch them for you before you approach them. 11. Go all out and help someone out his/her unpleasant situations. God will ensure you are never stranded. 12. Go round your house, office or shop today, lay hands on your things and prophesy divine protection and achievement on them. 13. Write your expectations on a paper, raise it towards heaven and ask God to grant your desires. With faith, in the name of Jesus, they shall happen. 14. Write your most pressing need on a paper, paste it near your bed and commit it daily to God with faith. Before long, it shall happen. 15.As you take your bath today, ask God to cleanse your spirit, soul and body from all forms of contamination. 16. Turn to the East, West, North and South and call your blessings anywhere they may be to come to you. 17. Purple is a royal color, if you have any purple clothe around, put it and for a few minutes, pray and declare your kingship on earth. 18. Take an handkerchief, Wave it in celebration and praise. Believe the Lord God, He will create situation of celebration around you. 19. Do you have a whistle? Go get one. It is a prophetic action of victory. Blow it anytime you have a challenge and declare your victory on all issues in the name of Jesus. 20. Open your window and look out. Then prophesy to the atmosphere that all your blessings should start coming to you as desired. PRAYER POINTS. 1. Today, trials of my life shall announce the glory of God in the name of Jesus. 2. Today, in the name of Jesus, I uproot every road block to my promised land. 3. Today, any altar raised against my progress shall be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus. 4. Today, in the name of Jesus, where others are making progress, I shall not be stagnated. 5.Today, I am the next on God's list to be lifted. I receive power now to cross the boundary of impossibilities in Jesus name. Amen. http://www.monthlyturningpoint.com

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