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Saturday, October 15, 2016

10 Prayer Points That Awake Your Spiritual Dryness.

10 PRAYER POINTS THAT AWAKE YOUR SPIRITUAL DRYNESS. What did you as a Christian understands by the word Spiritual Dryness? Spiritual dryness simply a situation where you are depleted spiritually. According to Prophet Helen Calder, " When we are spiritually dry, the atmosphere of heaven- righteousness, peace and Joy seems to evade us". Instead, we find it easier to give way to negative thinking. PRAYERS. 1. I ask today in the name of Jesus for revival in my spiritual life. Lord, cause me to begin to hunger and thirst after you. 2. Lord, make my soul to pant after you, even as the deer pants after the water brooks. 3. Holy Ghost, fill every spiritual dryness in my life with your anointing in Jesus name. 4.Father, anoint me with fresh oil. Fill me up in every area my oil has gone dry, in prayer, fasting , studying your word, fellowship and evangelism in Jesus name. 5. Lord, today, let the zeal of thine house begin to consume me from now henceforth,and make me ablaze for your Kingdom in the name of Jesus. 6. Father,fill me up with your spirit to overflowing and give me the grace to live above sin in Jesus name. 7. Father, give me strength in every area( prayer,studying, fasting...) that I am weak, and fill me with power in every that I am fainting in Jesus name. 8. I bind every seducing spirit assigned to weaken me in the name of Jesus. 9. I set on fire every spirit and association promoting lukewarmness in my life in the name of Jesus. 10. I thank you Lord for filling up my life with your power and strength in Jesus name.

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