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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Prayer Points To Pray Today For Victory Over Sins Of The Flesh.

PRAYER POINTS TO PRAY FOR SINS OVER THE FLESH. How can I overcome Sins in my Christian life? I am a sinner, can God change my life? This have been two for many questions that have bordering our minds more so when we found out that answers to our prayer seems delayed. But, one things still stands out that, although the power of Sins is great, the power of our Lord God is far more greater. With prayers we can overcome Sins of the flesh. Holiness is the key to see God, and it helps us to get our prayers through to the throne of God. In all to be able to live above Sins, you need (1)Prayer (2) Study the scriptures always (3) You must be determined strongly (4) Do not be too close to unbelievers. May the Lord God help you and me. PRAYER POINTS FOR VICTORY OVER SINS. 1.Father I bless and adore you. You are a holy God. I worship you today in the beauty of your holiness. Lord I acknowledge I am a sinner, have mercy upon all my Sins. I know with all the seven deadly Sins in my domain, I can not see the kingdom of God. Wash all my Sins away with the blood of Jesus Christ. 2.Lord, today, fill my life with your power to live above sin. Your word says, in the days of your power your people shall be willing. Give me power to be willing in the name of Jesus. 3.I break every power of Sin in my life and I destroy every of their roots by fire in the name of Jesus. 4.Every unholy desires of the flesh, I subject you under the power of the holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. 5. Now that you have forgiving me O Lord, anoint me with fresh oil of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. Today, I give everything that belongs to me unto you. My business, school, marriage and finance. I pray you use it for your glory in the name of Jesus. 6. Holy Spirit, come into my life , guide me, and direct me everyday. Strengthen me for I cannot live a holy life without you. Father, I thank you for giving me victory over every forms of Sin in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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