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Monday, December 12, 2016

Prayer To Pray For The Month Of December, 2016.

PRAYER TO PRAY FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER, 2016 1. I bless and glorify your name for your faithfulness. Be merciful unto me, my friends and families this new month of December and let them be remembered for success, favor, divine lifting, blessing, breakthrough and financial multiplication in the name of Jesus. 2.Father in the name of Jesus, let your spiritual earthquake vibrate and uproot every enemies and their evil work against my life this new month in the name of Jesus. 3.Lord, bless me and let your blessings in my life erase the reproach and shame the enemies have caused me in the past months in the name of Jesus. 4.O Lord this new month of December, 2015, turn my captivity, awake my destiny and cause her to break forth on every side henceforth in Jesus name. 5.O lord god, I pray to you, restore all my possessions, portions, blessings and inheritance back to me this new month in the name of Jesus. 6.By the anointing of the holy spirit, I break forth into my financial prosperity now in Jesus name. 7.In the name of Jesus Christ, I root out by fire and thunder every tree of poverty, backwardness and reproach in my life in your name .Amen. 8. Lord, this new month of December, turn my disappointment to appointment, my pressure to promotions and every pain I am expressing to my gain, in the name of Jesus. 9. This new month of December, I decree that the power of rising and falling must pass over me, in the name of Jesus. 10. Jesus, O Lord, fight for me, swallow every effect of Evil/Bad dreams from my life, career, business, , marriage and Ministry this new month, in the name of Jesus.

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