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Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Devil's Strategy You Must Watch This New Month.

THE DEVIL'S STRATEGY. Millions today profess to hate, abhor, shun and reject the devil because they know he is their enemy. They say, "I don't worship him, I don't obey him." But alas! They are directly being controlled by this arch-enemy of the light. Friend, if through this information you discover that you are under him, pledge do not wait to think flee for refuge. I need not tell you he's wicked. He makes you serve him and later kills you. "The thief(devil) come not but for to steal, to kill and to destroy"(John 10:10). He comes gently to you to do his evil business either in your room when you are alone ,in your place of work when you are signing the attendance register, on the street when you see a lady, in the bus with the conductor , in the class during the examination, in the office when he tells you to say you are married so as to receive double leave grant when though you are single, or in the hospital with the Doctor as you plan to abort. Whichever method he uses, he has is aim. PRAYER POINTS. Dear God, strengthen me with power through your spirit and keep me from temptation and particularly the evil one. Amen. RELATED TOPICS: 1. Will God help me if I pray? 2.Do God answers our prayers? 3.Power in the words of God. 4.10 Important turning points prayer point for the Christian Family. 5.Christian Talk. http://www.addmyinfo.blogspot.com

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