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Thursday, February 23, 2017

How To Fight And Overcome The Enemies Of Progress With Prayers From The Bible.

HOW TO FIGHT AND OVERCOME THE ENEMIES OF PROGRESS WITH PRAYERS FROM THE BIBLE. We often asked: Who are the enemies of progress? Enemies of progress could simply be described as evil people who saw nothing good in your life. They are bent on killing your spiritual life. They are always happy at that your sorrow, illness, joblessness, barrenness, tribulations, trials, difficulties and your suffering. Immediately they spots those joyful moments when God makes his presence known in your life, they became sad. I pray today that as we spot those moments when God makes his presence known in our life, we will become more radiant each passing day in the name of Jesus. We will all share the glory of Jesus Christ and go from one degree of glory to the next. I pray that God will clothe the enemies of progress in your life with shame. The only language that overcome them is the power in Prayer. Today, Cast your cares on the Lord with faith. The Psalmist said, "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous like you be shaken( Psalm 55:22 ). Prayer Points That Overcome Enemy Of Progress. 1. By the right hand of the Lord that is glorious in power, my enemies are dashed to pieces. In the greatness of his majesty those who rise against his purposes in your life are overthrown. They are consumed as fire consumes straw(Exodus 15:6-7). Amen 2. In the name of Jesus, when I am going through the deep waters, the Lord God is with me. When I go through the river of difficulties and trials, I will not drown. When I walk through fire of tribulations , in the name of Jesus, I will not be burnt up nor the flames will not consume me. Others(Enemies) are given in exchange for me. Their lives(Enemies of progress) are traded for mine because God had made me precious to himself and has put honor on me(Isaiah 43:2-4). Amen. 3. Today in the name of Jesus, all enemies are subdued under my feet. They are grounded as fine as the dust of the earth, swept into the gutter like dirt( Psalm 18: 29,42). Amen. 4. No hiding place for enemies of progress in my life again in the name of Jesus. 5.Lord Jesus, set me free from the power of deceits and secret sins so that the enemies of progress will not overpower me.

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