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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Powerful Prayers For Pastors, Ordained Ministers Of God, Bible Schools And Colleges All Over The World .

POWERFUL PRAYERS FOR PASTORS,ORDAINED MINISTERS OF GOD,BIBLE SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES ALL OVER THE WORLD. Lord today I thank you for giving gifts unto your servants to become Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, workers In The Church, take glory in the name of Jesus. Lord we thank you today for raising up committed , faithful, dedicated and consecrated ministers, who are ready to fulfil your will and are fulfilling it without compromising, take glory in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. 1.Father, I thank you for you love the World so much and have given your son to the World. I thank you Lord Jesus, for leaving your throne in heaven and coming to earth to die for wretched sinners like us. Lord, send committed and faithful ministers, Apostles and Pastors from college into the World to harvest the souls in the World. 2.There never is a night or day when God can not hear us as we pray. There is no time, there is no place, that we are beyond his love and grace. Lord, establish our bible colleges and schools on a rock. I come against every spirit of division/stratification be destroyed in the Name of Jesus. 3.I bind every agent of disunity and confusion in our bible colleges and schools in the name of Jesus. 4.Lord, give Teachers/Ministers who teaches at various bible college all over the World the proper atmosphere to lead students in your ways, by what they see, hear and Learn. 5.For Teachers who teaches at the bible colleges and schools, I pray for the Lord's guidance as they discipline the students to become servants they are called to be. 6.Father in the name of Jesus, let the bible college all over the world be only for you and you only, so that your name and only your name shall be glorified in the Son. 7.I pray that each instructor will lead a life that demonstrates true dedication to God. 8.I pray for peace and confidence in Christ as students apply what they have learned. I ask you O Lord to guide them in sharing his love and keep there eyes always in him. 9.Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!.Let all heaven and earth proclaim. Kings and kingdoms will all pass away. But there's something about the name. It is a name above Names. In our bible schools and colleges, make both the Ministers/Instructor and the students be heavenly minded, in the name of Jesus. 10.Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for students to be positively inclined to minister to their people. I pray that those and all that you called by your name will hear , obey, and trusting only in you to provide for there needs and their families while they study. 11.Father, your scripture abound in Romans 12:21.... "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. In our bible college/schools, I pray that our Instructors will lead a life that demonstrated true dedication to God. 12.To all graduating students from various bible college all over the world, I pray for divine wisdom, divine favor and divine miracle at the call of their assignments. Grant unto them in the name of Jesus, the power to hear clearly from you and have the confidence to obey all your commandments. 13.Every spirit, power and personality working against elevation of your 'word' at various bible schools in all Nations, die in the name of Jesus. 14.By your divine power O Lord, give unto our graduating students from the college, the power to give good news to the suffering and the afflicted, and comfort to the broken hearted, for in the name of Jesus I prayed. 15.Thank you Lord for answering my prayer on Calvary Chapel bible college, Baptist bible college, Trinity bible college, charis bible college, Belfast bible college, Bethlehem bible college, Lancaster bible college, grace bible college, Redeemed Christian bible college, Nazarene bible college, Indiana bible college, Israel college of the bible, and all bible colleges and schools in the United States of America and Canada. http://www.Facebook.com/myprayerpoints Persecution Of Christians : Why You Must Pray Against Recurrence Of Umpqua Community College School Shooting And Other Persecuted Churches. http://www.addmyinfo.blogspot.com HAPPY CELEBRATION.

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