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Monday, July 28, 2014

Prayer : 10 Prayer Points That Unlock The Unseen Greatness In You.

PRAYER : 10 PRAYER POINTS THAT UNLOCK THE UNSEEN GREATNESS IN YOU. God looked at Elijah , who was unknown and had a significant parentage , a nobody man and saw him as one who would provoke a national revival (1 kings 17:1). And also , God looked at the young son of a farmer and saw in him someone who become a divine power house (1 King 19:15-16). What is important is not what people see in you or even what you see in your self but what God sees in you . As you are prepared to cooperate with him so that what he is seeing in you can become what everybody else is seeing .Therefore , submit your life to Christ for the greatness in you to be seen. PRAYER POINTS. 1.Oh God, make me what you have intended for me in life, in the name of Jesus. 2.Oh god, I refuse to help myself to fulfill my destiny, help me God, in the name of Jesus. 3.Oh God, I am not here by mistake, fulfill your divine purpose and plan for me now, in the name of Jesus. 4.Oh God, by fire by force, connect me to my benefactor now, in the name of Jesus. 5.Oh god, I have determined to fear you all the time, godly fear, operate in me fully henceforth, in the name of Jesus. 6.Oh God, remember your covenant of peace and of expected end for me and do me good, in the name of Jesus. 7.I command all those miracle and promises of God that is still far away from me, run to me now by fire, in the name of Jesus. 8.I command anyone working with Satan to keep me down, expire by fire, in the name of Jesus. 9.Oh God, as many people shall be lifted up this week, this month, this year, include me in the list, in the name of Jesus. 10.Oh God, make me a factor of signs and wonders, unlock the unseen greatness in me, in the name of Jesus.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Prayer Point : 12 Prayer Point For Divine Advancement , Victory , Healing And Safety .

PRAYER POINT :12 PRAYER POINT FOR DIVINE ADVANCEMENT , VICTORY , HEALING AND SAFETY. Thank you Lord for seeing me through up to this year and this moment. Your love for me is great .How precious are your thoughts about me, O God! Thank you because your power and the direction of your spirit in this season , I shall wax great, go forward and become very great(Gen.26:13). PRAYER POINT. 1. In the name of Jesus, every valley in my life is exalted, every mountain and hill made low in the name of Jesus. 2. In the name of Jesus my greatness is increased and I am comforted on every side in Jesus' name(Psalm71:21). 3. In the name of Jesus my feet are set on solid ground and steadied as I walk along(Psalm 40:2).I walk by the rivers of waters, in a straight way wherein I shall not stumble(Jer.31:9). 4.In the name of Jesus I am established by God's unchanging decree to be fruitful, to multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it ( Genesis 12:3).I am blessed and made a blessing (Genesis 12:3). 5.In the name of Jesus I am blessed in the city, and I am blessed in the field; the fruit of my body is blessed; my basket and my store are blessed. I am blessed when I come in, and blessed when I go out(Deuteronomy 28: 3-6). 6.Thank god I am free(Psalm 107: 14,16).In the name of Jesus, every curse spoken against me is turned to blessing because I am love by God.(Deuteronomy 23:5). 7.In the name of Jesus, Imprisonment, starvation and death will not be my fate. I am hidden safely within his hand. All roaring against me is silenced. The road ahead of me is smoothen out by my God (ISIAH 26:7). 8.In the name of Jesus, I am saved from my enemies and from all who hate me so I can serve God without fear in holiness and righteousness forever. The Lord is my safe refuge, a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me. 9.All my enemies are crushed like the finest of dust. My attackers are driven away like chaff before the wind. The Lord of heaven's army will act for me with thunder, and earthquake, and great noise, with whirlwind, storm, and consuming fire (Isaiah 29:8). 10.In the name of Jesus, let my accuser be clothed with disgrace . Let those who attack me be disgraced and let their humiliation be obvious to all. The wicked are shown God's will to defend me and they are ashamed and consumed by fire(Isaiah 25:1). 11.O Lord my God, you are the resurrection and the life. Every organ of my body that are dead, replaces today in the name of Jesus. 13.It is written that by your stripes we are healed. I claim your healing in the name of Jesus.