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Friday, March 21, 2014


PRAYER TIME:HOW YOU AND ME CAN HAVE OUR DESIRES MET WITH GOD. There are different types of prayer.What we say and our focus in what we say determines the type of prayer we have.Though different, they are all beneficial to us as children of God. PRAYER OF PETITION:This is when we ask God to help us with problems or provide for us.This type of prayer we often make,particularly when we have no other source of help than God.This type of prayer is pleasing to him as he loves to help his children when in need. PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING:There is a saying that one who is grateful for the gift of yesterday will receive much more.This is thanking God for all his blessings and goodness in our lives, and for our salvation.When we have gift,our appropriate response is"Thank you". PRAYER OF INTERCESSION:This is when we pray for others and in particular nations in need.The prayer of intercession is a command from God. Prayer Of WORSHIP:This type of prayer is all to adore God for who he is.We forget ourselves,others and our needs and focus on God and his everlasting Qualities. PRAYER POINT FATHER,I SURRENDER MY FUTURE TO YOU, LET IT BE WELL WITH ME AND MY FRIENDS IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Dear Friends, Do me a favor by like this Page.God helps you as you do so.Be a good friend indeed. http://www.Facebook.com/myprayerpoints

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Destiny:How to achieve your destiny in God with prayer points.

Destiny:How to achieve your destiny in God with prayer points. Anger has been described in the Bible as one of the enemy of destiny.The first time Moses got angry,he killed somebody.The second time he was angry,he broke the original 10 commandments that God carved out and wrote out with his fingers,burn the golden calf,sprayed the ashes on water and forced the Israelite to drink it.The third time he got angry,he struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it,and in the process terminated his ministry. He was so close to the blessing yet he could never be farther.Anger can make you see your blessings so close yet it will refuse to get into your hands.Some like Moses are hardly angry,keep quiet most of the times until the day they will explode.If you do not deal with it,you will be sorry for yourself. Vent your anger against the spirit of anger.Do not let your anger go beyond midnight against one another.Destroy anger today before it destroys your destiny. PRAYER POINTS. 1.I command you spirit of anger in my life,die permanently, in the name of Jesus. 2.By the power that spoke to the ranging sea,Oh Lord,silence every raging problem in my life,in the name of Jesus. 3.Every wicked spirit playing around and toying with my destiny,I bind and cast you out of my life,in the name of Jesus. 4.Oh Lord,empower me henceforth to engage my enemies in a victorious warfare,in the name of Jesus. 5.Holy Ghost,show me the secret of my prayerlessness in the name of Jesus. 6.I comman every secret sin that is still operating in my life,die,in the name of Jesus. 7.Lord,I need your intervention,intervene in every area of my situation,in the name of Jesus. 8.I command every goodness of mine that has being swallowed, be vomited now by fire in the name of Jesus. 9.Oh Lord,empower me to pray until something definite happen for good in my life in the name of Jesus. 10.Devil,you will never win in my life again,loose your grip and hold over my life,in the name of Jesus.AMEN.