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Thursday, August 15, 2013

ANOINTING:How the power of anointing of God can brings success,victory and amazing blessings to you and me.

Anointing:How the power of anointing received of God can brings victory,success,favors,bountifulness,honors,dignity and amazing blessings to you in the rest of the year 2013. Anointing stands as a standard against every onslaught or invasion of the enemy.Once a person receives Jesus as Lord and becomes born again,that person is anointed.Thus,you receive the anointing when you become born again.Jesus answered and said unto him,Verily,Verily,Verily,I say unto thee,except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God...John3:3. HOW THE POWER OF ANOINTING WORKS. 1.The enemy will neither outwit you nor the wicked overpower you/me because by the power of anointing bondage is ended in mine/your life. 2.By the power of anointing,joy is enabled in mine/your life instead of mourning. 3.Power of anointing kept out Satan in your life,home,business and on all your/mine interests instead victory,success,exploits,honor,dignity,amazing blessings and bounty shall attend mine/your life throughout the remaining part of this year in Jesus name. 4.By the anointing of God,foreigners shall be my servants,they shall feed my flocks and take care of mine/your vineyards. PRAYER POINTS:I pray that every wilderness of my/your life become a high and fertile forest.I and you shall flourish like a palm tree and grow strong like cedars of Lebanon in the name of Jesus.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Prayer Points:10 Prayer points that opens the door of success,divine miracles,favor and abundant blessings to all Nations.

Prayer Points:10 Prayer points that opened the door of success,miracle,divine favor and abundant blessings to all Nations. When to pray,what to pray for and how to prayer determines the success of your prayers.Be Prayer for strength,healing,success,protection from enemies,favors,abundant blessings,fruit of the womb and God directions,here are 10 Prayer points you might want to consider. 1.Holy Ghost!Disorganize my enemies and arrange me for undeniable proofs,in the name of Jesus. 2.Oh God,give me the miracle that does not need the approval of man to manifest,in the name of Jesus. 3.I command,sweat less success!break forth in my life now for fire,in the name of Jesus. 4.Oh God,I rid myself of the evil works I am into now by fire,in the name of Jesus. 5.Every good things enemies have buried far from my reach,locate me now,in the name of Jesus. 6.Every condition that has made people to misconstrue me in life ,expire now by fire,in the name of Jesus. 7.Grace and favor shall speak on my behalf wherever I go in the name of Jesus. 8.God I am fed up with this present condition now,deliver me in the name of Jesus. 9.I command God shall make me the true definition of breakthrough henceforth in the name of Jesus. 10.O God I am tired of managing poverty,give me the resources that will cancel every insult,in the name of Jesus.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Prayer Points:Copy the prayer points that God hears and learn how to pray as God wants.

Prayer Points:Copy the prayer points that God hears and learn how to pray as God wants. How to pray with prayer points determines how God hears your prayers.God said"Ask and ye shall be given"if you do not ask and pray as God wants,your prayers can not be answered. TODAY'S PRAYER POINTS. 1.I command,total healing of Jesus through his stripes,operate in my life now by fire,in the name of Jesus. 2.Oh God,whatever it will take you to fulfill your plan and purpose in my life,do it now,in the name of Jesus. 3.Oh God,wherever I am suffering innocently,deliver me and terminate the suffering now,in the name of Jesus. 4.Oh God,let my enemies be troubled at my presence and whenever my name is being mentioned,in the name of Jesus. 5.You devil!God has given me power over you,be silenced totally in my life,in the name of Jesus. 6.Oh Lord God,do me a favor that will brighten my Glory,in the name of Jesus. 7.Oh God arise,empower my Hannah to produce unbelievable miracles henceforth,in the name of Jesus. 8.I command every game plan and trap of the enemy for my life,I refuse to fall there in,in the name of Jesus.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Divine announcement.

DIVINE ANNOUNCEMENT. Prayer points for divine announcement: 1.Lord,I bind every power that is contending with my announcement this year 2013 by fire. 2.I release the blood of Jesus against every household enemy that is saying No to my announcement this year 2013. 3.O heavens,open up to announce me this year by fire. 4.I cancel and totally nullify every curse that is working against my announcement this year by fire.Lord,make a way for me where men say there will be no way for me this year 2013 in Jesus name. http://www.onlineopportunitiesforall.blogspot.com

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Prayer In the name of Jesus,year 2013 is my year of beauty and bounty.I am like a tree that is always green,bearing fruits all through the year.I will rejoice because God is going to do great things in my life this year.I shall eat in plenty and be satisfied (amen). In the name of Jesus,those planning to fight against the lord's plan for my life this year are broken,the Lord thunders against them from heaven(amen). In year 2012,though a thousand fall at my side and ten thousand die around me,yet evils did not touch me or my household. In year 2013,I'll fear no bad news,nor live in dreaded of what may happen.I am settled in my mind that the Lord God will take good care of me and see me through to the end of year 2013(amen). Sunday - Find me on Bloggers.com http://www.allsolutionsnetwork.com