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Monday, September 17, 2012


MY PRAYER POINTS FOR THE CHILDREN. The spirit of the Lord is poured forth on my descendants and his blessings on my children.Let them thrive like watered grass,like willows on a river bank. 1.My children shall be crowned and honored among the nations.All shall realize that they are people God has blessed. 2.My children shall never follow evil men advice.They will not hang around sinners,who scoff at the things of God. 3.My children shall be wiser than their teachers and than the aged.My children shall be very great and mighty upon earth and my generation shall be blessed. 4.the enemies shall neither outwit my children,nor the wicked overpower them.their adversaries shall be beaten down before them and those who hate them destroyed by the Lord. 5.My children shall overcome all enemies. They shall be leaders and commanders to the people.AMEN.